Fly towards and land on the asteroid in the centre of the map, while preventing your defective lander from crashing into smaller asteroids and satellites!

  • Activate thrusters with the UP arrow key
  • Activate left and right rotaters with the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys
  • The state of the thrusters and rotaters are indicated by the 3 lights at the bottom of the screen
    • Green light means working normal
    • Yellow light means stuck in the ON position
    • Red light means stuck in the OFF position
  • Keep an eye on your speed, if you're going too fast you'll explode when you hit the asteroid
  • Watch your altitude, it will help you find the asteroid and let you know how close you are to crashing into it
  • And don't forget your fuel, if you run out, you'll be left to drift...
  • Sadly, your speed, altitude and fuel readouts are all just as faulty as the thrusters and rotaters :(

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